Street Preachers at Pride

CW: Religion

A photo of street preachers at a pride parade with big signs protesting the event

I do not engage with street preachers. When someone is engaging in that act they aren’t in a place to hear from me. I engaged last year for my first Pride and I learned from that experience. Now I just walk on by and let them have their miserable day.

Today while at #Pride, I encountered some street preachers. What I want to say is its amazing how they think the God they serve, which is not the same God I believe in, would ever be OK with them coming to a Pride event to say we are under the call of the devil.

My God comes to people in love. I do not ever proselytise as that turns me off. My God instead wants me to show love to each and every person. To work on myself and become a better me. My God does not think who I love is sinful or that who I am is an abomination.

Ask yourself if your God is the God of love, why are you coming at me with a bullhorn?