An Ode to My Love

You know me and my deepest fears. You know the insecurities in me. You’ve listened as I recounted the trauma in my life. You have stood by me knowing all the weaknesses in myself.

You make me realise I’m more worthy than I ever thought I was. You help me see I have value. When I have thought no one would miss me if I were to pass on, you lovingly push back.

The days I think I don’t belong you show me I have a place at the table. The days I want to detransition because of society you help me transition to more than I could ever be. The days I want to quit you tell me to keep going.

I don’t care how long it will take to immigrate. You’ve already immigrated into the deepest parts of my heart. Parts where no one else has ever been. You see the real me. You see Jae. You are my best friend. You are my fiancé. You are the love of my life.