Starting again, again.

I tried Medium, which is where these prior posts were from. However since joining Mastodon, I’ve been intrigued by the Fediverse. So I have decided to move to Micro.blog. My goal is to start documenting my trans journey and experience.



Starting Anew

One thing in my online content creation that I haven’t done properly is always keep things going. I always intend to keep things like my old videos, or my old blogs or my old content. Yet, I am starting this all now afresh and anew on a new landscape.

I think I can be excused for it because of one thing, I this last year threw away my old identity to embrace the identity of Jae Bloom, but you will know me as Frazley Sparkspan online. Many things about this ring true for me, I don’t remember many of the old memories of who I was. It frankly is hard to think the old stuff was me, because I was living under a mask my whole life.

So this is the start of something new. Something fresh. Something that will blossom into something beautiful. I cannot promise to be regular, as I am working 4 jobs and attending school. However, I will promise to ALWAYS be transparent with you. The same transparency I give you on my streams, I give you here. 💜